LEEM relocated successfully


Leiden University. Amin Moradi successfully relocates the extremely sensitive low-energy electron microscope.

Moving a LEEM (low-energy electron microscope) of 2000 kg is a delicate challenge. The highly sensitive instrument needed to be moved to a new measurement hall, but even a tiny bump could damage it. After a few nerve-racking weeks of preparing the move and reinstalment, the researchers finally have a verdict: the instrument still works.

The instrument in question is a low-energy electron microscope (LEEM) that had been standing in the same place for 13 years. The move is such a complicated task that it had been in the works for months.

To get the job done, a team of many specialists was involved. Not only was the move itself plotted out in detail, but the new location was also prepped to carry the weight and have all the provisions the researchers need. And that’s not to mention labelling every cable to ensure it’s reinstalled correctly in the new location. Even two technicians from the German company that produced the microscope came over to help.

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LEEM at its new Position.

(Fotocredits: Leiden University)