Upcoming sessions:

Reducing electron beam damage

Tue 21.06.2022

David J. Flannigan "Effects of Controlled Electron Emission on Specimen Damage"

Associate professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

University of Minnesota

Layla B. Mehdi "Understanding and Controlling Radiolysis Chemistry on the Nanoscale By Operando STEM"

Associate director, Albert Crewe Centre (ACC)

Associate professor,  University of Liverpool

Jo Verbeek “Beam damage reduction in STEM through alternative scan strategies”

Professor, Electron microscopy for materials science

University of Antwerp

Correlative Electron Microscopy

Tue 28.6.2022

Jacob Hogenboom "From millimeters to molecules: multi-scale correlative microscopy with coincident photon, electron, and ion beams"

Associate professor, Department of Imaging Physics

Delft University of Technology

Thomas H. Sharp "Super-resolution CryoCLEM"

Assistant professor

Leiden University

Raphaël Marchand "Optical Near-field Electron Microscopy"

Quantum optics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Information

University of Vienna

Time-resolved Electron Microscopy

Tue 5.7.2022

Jom Luiten "Dynamic phase space shaping for Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy"

Professor, Applied Physics, Coherence and Quantum Technology,

Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhoven,

Professor, ICMS Core

Ulrich Lorenz “Towards Microsecond Time-resolved cryo-EM”

Professor, Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Kristian Mølhave  “Nanofluidic TEM – new insights using nanochannels for liquid phase electron microscopy”

Professor, National center for Nano Fabrication and Characterization

Technical University of Denmark

Quantum Metrology in Electron Microscopy

Tue 12.7.2022

Claus Ropers

University Göttingen

Stewart A. Koppell "TEM at the Quantum limit"

Stanford University

Amy Turner "Interaction-free measurements with electrons"

University of Oregon

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